What we do

We help businesses find and exploit information in their data.

How to decrease the energy cost of a building? Ensure a vehicle is safe? Have the right supply of every product for the coming month? Find out which customers need one's full attention?

We turn such questions into mathematical models, and infer the answers using machine learning. We develop software to integrate the answers in our clients' processes. We have built or contributed to models running daily in several industries.

Who we are

We are data scientists with a strong research background and years of experience in the industry. In the fast-paced, ever-changing machine learning environment, we continuously sharpen our expertise with the technologies our clients need.

We care about the usefulness of every contribution, and make this care guide our work. We make sure to target well-defined business issues, to develop solutions relevant to our clients' processes, and to make both code and communication clear.

We are based in Belgium, but may accept projects elsewhere.

How we help

We can help at every stage of your data exploitation projects:

  • Analysis of business needs related to data exploitation
  • Descriptive data analysis and visualization
  • Design and development of machine learning algorithms
  • Integration of solutions in your IT systems
  • Training for your data scientists
  • Project and team management

Contact us

For business inquiries, please contact Harold Sneessens.
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +32 473 61 36 29